Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A short walk in Orange Grove...

Yesterday I visited an Italian delicatessen and grocery shop in Louis Botha Avenue, Orange Grove, Johannesburg. My mission was to buy some of those little red Italian cold drinks that look and tate a bit like Campari, but without the alcohol. There are many brands that sell these cold drinks but the one I am familiar with is called 'Crodo Bitters'. 

Super Sconto sells important Italian food and drinks and to tell the truth they have as large a selection of Italian delicatessen & food as I have seen anywhere on my recent holiday in Italy...

After my shopping I took a short walk up and  down Louis Botha avenue to take some photographs. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Colours & Textures of Naples, Italy

Naples is very different from any other part of Italy that I have ever been to. The traffic, kamikaze scooters, graffiti, grime and the dirt is an assault on ones senses. But gradually the shock wears off and one does notice some unwritten code in operation, some fleeting moments of order. 

The ancient city looms large over all human endeavors and provides a colourful and gritty backdrop against which the Neapolitans go about their frenetic seemingly chaotic business of living , working and existing..

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

3 Weeks in Europe - My Eos M3 Review - 3rd time lucky?

I have just come back from three weeks in Germany and Italy where I used my new Canon Eos M3 daily as a travel camera, photographing people, structures, landscapes and even some attempts at 'street photography'.

       Atrani , Amalfi Coast 2015

In this user report I will share with you my thoughts on how the Canon Eos M3 behaved as my backup compact camera and what worked and what didn't. 

Included also a portfolio of 30 images of my travel photographs of Germany and the Amalfi.