Friday, 18 September 2015

Colours & Textures of Naples, Italy

Naples is very different from any other part of Italy that I have ever been to. The traffic, kamikaze scooters, graffiti, grime and the dirt is an assault on ones senses. But gradually the shock wears off and one does notice some unwritten code in operation, some fleeting moments of order. 

The ancient city looms large over all human endeavors and provides a colourful and gritty backdrop against which the Neapolitans go about their frenetic seemingly chaotic business of living , working and existing..

Most of the images here were made in the Spanish quarter and the Centro Storico of Naples where my wife and I stayed for six nights towards the end of July this year.

The Spanish quarter has very narrow uneven cobblestone streets and the old apartment blocks tower 3 to 4 stories high over it all. The walls are covered in graffiti and painted in bright and often fading colours, with much exposed brick and crumbling cement. The sharp mediterranean light covers all in alternating bright patches of sunlight and deep shadows, all adding to the drama and colour that is Naples....



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