Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Surreal moment in Rouxville...

Rouxville is in the Southern Freestate Province of South Africa.

We arrived there on a Sunday morning just after the end of the morning Church service. All the farmers were in their Sunday best having a chat in front of the beautiful 'klip kerk'. On the other side of the church there was loud traditional music blaring from a house with the front door wide open and no one to be seen. . .

I photographed Telang, with his father X-mas hat on and Nomazizi his colleague in front of Pep stores where they both worked.

Then I saw this man walking towards me with part of a beef carcass slung over his shoulder. I walked up to him and asked him if I could take his photograph. I don't think he could speak English or Afrikaans, so I mimed the actions that I wanted to do and  after a long silence he nodded his head and I directed him to stand in front of the galvanized corrugated doors of one of the sandstone buildings.

I made few exposures and then three more guys walked down the street with more carcasses. I photographed them as well...I never learned their names or what was going on, but I presumed they worked at an abattoir in town and had been give some of the left over meat and was walking back home with it...

Regards, Ivan

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