Thursday, 24 July 2014

Vosburg, again!

Many years ago I stayed over at the Vosburg hotel for a night...

My girlfriend at the time ( now my wife Cheryl ), and I had been on a holiday in Capetown. On the way back to the 'old Transvaal' we decided, on a whim, to visit my grandmother who lived in Brandvlei.

It was quite a detour and we drove via Calvinia where I remember someone told us that it was 40 degrees Celcius! Brandvlei in December was also unbearably hot and we didn't stay too long and after a few hours drive we found ourselves in Vosburg. It was dark but the hotel was still open and we got a room on the first floor. There was no meals available so we had to make do with a few olives and some biscuits and beer shandies, which I was quite fond off in those days... I don't remember much but I do remember pouring an ice cold bath and falling asleep in the the bath...we left early in the morning to continue our journey back home.

I have always wanted to go back to see what the town actually looks like.

Last December we decided to go and have another look, more than 30 years after we stayed there the first time.

I didn't really know what to expect, the hotel is no more, but we managed to find a nice room for the night. We arrived late in the afternoon after having spend the day driving from Kimberley via Hopetown. I went for a walk through town that afternoon and again early the next morning.

Here are my photographs from a town that over the years I often thought about ...

Regards, Ivan

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