Wednesday, 30 January 2013

24 hours in Zurich

On my way back to South Africa I stayed over in Zurich for 24 hours.

We arrived in Zurich by train from Milan. The route by train through the mountains and tunnels were truly spectacular. Our train broke down on route and we had to run to catch the next one with standing room only for the duration of the much for legendary Swiss punctuality and efficiency...

My stay was just too short to really form an opinion...but it rained almost all the time, just like in Lucerne, the people look wealthy and everything is clean and tidy and nice and orderly, so different from Italy...

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All the photographs here were made with a Canon 5D2 and a 24-105L zoom lens...a good travel combination because of the superb image quality of the camera and wide to short telephoto reach of the lens and of course, IS!

Regards, Ivan

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan,

This was really odd. I found your site by chance and was "travelling" with you through small town SA , and then suddenly I was here in ZUrich where I live. I will be coming "home" in a couple of weeks,and your great pix is truely inspirational.Hope to do a nice long road trip with my daughter who is also a keen photographer down the back roads of the Platteland.

I will put them up on my Flickr site, when I get back .