Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A tiny Lucerne hotel

Everything is just a bit more expensive in Switzerland than anywhere else...

When we looked at hotels to stay in we were quite surprised at how expensive it was. Eventually we found the inexpensive  'Etap Hotel Lucerne City'. It is situated at the back of the railway station and one has to walk over a bridge that spans across the railway lines as they converge at the station.

The rooms are tiny with a 3rd bunk bed on top of the double bed. The rooms are very clean  and our room had a view of the mountains although they were always covered in cloud during our four day stay.

From the hotel it was at least a 15min walk to the railway station but from there everything is quite close.

More details of the hotel can be found here at...;label=lucerne-KA15cMX2OAUrFCbB%2AZsjFgS8163981749;sid=3bd75bdb86f7ab87e9dd709b012afa01;dcid=1;srfid=7a2a6b01b4dcd273762c9903fe72e5ecX1#availability_target

We used to make all our hotel reservations and everything went smoothly...

Not far from the hotel but in the opposite direction of the old town, are many modern apartments. We found a nice little restaurant called 'Peperoncini ' there. This modern residential area is devoid of any tourist activity, and is in stark contrast to the old town, but it was quite interesting to see how the modern citizens live...

regards, Ivan

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