Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mozambique Portraits

 November 2011 my wife, Cheryl and I were invited by my very good friend, Johan  and his wife Margie, to a weekend of adventure in Mozambique. 

We were to go tiger fishing on the the Sabie river where it crosses the border of the Kruger National Park, in South Africa into Mozambique . . .

We stayed in a hunting safari lodge in the Sabie Game Reserve. The fishing was uneventful but nonetheless  we had a grand time...

The landscape is bush veld and the Sabie rivers flows into a large dam just as it enters Mozambique.

The photographs here are all portraits of the fisherman on the dam and the workers at our campsite. The Mozambicans are extremely friendly people and they were quite willing for me to take their photographs..

The guy holding the two fish in his hands, name is Tenba and he caught them with his bare hands...!

The other images are of local fisherman on the dam. We traded the small fish the guy is holding for a beer, to use as bait.

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The next few images are of the local workers living at our campsite, which is quite a few hours drive from Maputo the capital. It is quite a large operation with cleaners, cooks, drivers, mechanics and waiters etc.

All the images on this page were made with a Leica X1 and fixed 35mm equivalent lens. The sepia conversions were made with Nik Silver Efex2 and the colour images were made with Lightroom3 and as usual I decreased the colour saturation and increased the micro contrast a bit..

regards, Ivan...

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