Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Solarized Portrait of Karla

About a year ago. towards the end of 2010 I signed up at the Leica forum

I had bought a small Leica camera, the X1 and as the forum only allows images made by Leica camera to be posted on the forum, I could now post my images there. At the same time I signed up as a sponsoring member which had a few advantages such as no ads, and personal galleries could host 100 images instead of three etc etc. As a bonus for signing up I got a free download of Color Efex Pro software.

I don't use the software much but occasionally it helps with a colour problem I might have with an image.

Here is a portrait of my daughter Karla that has gone through some heavy manipulation using the solarization software.....its not really my style but my daughter thought it was ' awsum ', she's 15 and I, it being an image of my daughter, how could I not like it......
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