Monday, 16 January 2012

A Standerton Farm, the architecture...

On the farm there was an imposing main house , still in good condition, although it looked as if the exterior had been modernised a bit. The stables were a bit more rundown although still in use. There was also another very interesting house on the farm of newer vintage. It is not in use and some of the wooden floors had caved in.

What I really liked about these structures was the patina they had acquired over the years and also that they were mostly in their original condition, without any of the ugly alteration that are made over the years by insensitive owners.

For all these images I used my Mamiya ZD medium format digital camera with a 50mm shift lens. It is a 22mp camera and although rather old in digital terms is my prefered camera for architecture. It has to be used on a tripod -when using the shift lens- and that makes for a more measured working pace. The 50mm shift lens has a normal to wide perspective, slightly wider than a 35mm lens in 135mm format terms.

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I prefer to photograph architecture and also landscapes with a 'normal' point of view...usually square on from the front. I suppose I want the 'photographer' to intrude as little as possible. I want to show what I saw and not be 'creative' about it with unusual angles and perspectives. These are 'stately' structures no matter their use or origin or 'budget' and I want to show them in that way.

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